Grow into a highly recognized brand on social media.

Let WOM Campaigns create and manage your whole social media marketing channel, from brand ambassadors to your landingpage.

Real people promoting your brand.

We believe in brand awareness through promotions by real people.

Forget using bots or big influencers - we put humanity first. Our Brand ambassodors are students that genuinely interact with their followers.

Promote Brand Awareness

Creating User Generated Content

Market Research

Brand Ambassador Campaigns

Your professional social media presence.

Through your social media account you are creating your brand. It's the first impression your customers will get - make sure to have a professional strategy for it.

Social Media
Account Management

Posting & Content Creation

Organic Growth Strategies

Instagram and Tik Tok

Effectively capturing leads.

Leading interested social media users to your shop and giving them a chance to reach out to you is the final goal.

Your Landing Page

Optimized Landing Page



Start growing your brand!

Let's explore the possibilities of how WOM can help your brand excel on social media.

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