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Why do the brands give away products for free?

Most of the brands see the value in giving away products to a certain number of students. They wouldn’t necessarily give away a free product to just one person, but since we are connecting them to 10+ students, giving free products away makes sense for them from a marketing standpoint.

Do I have to pay for the products eventually?

No. As part of a campaign you don’t pay any money for the product you receive. All that is asked on your side is that you promote the product in some way on your social media or answer a survey, depending on the respective campaign requirements.

How long does a campaign last?

You will usually be done with your campaign under three weeks some may even only last a couple of days for you. The whole campaign for the brand might last longer than that but once your done with your part, someone else will take over and you can just sit back and enjoy your product!

Do I have to give a shout-out to the brands?

            That’s your choice! In most campaigns you can decide which kind of promotion you want to do for the brand ranging from a soft approach without shout-out to a more influencer-like approach. Afterall since you choose the product and brand you want to do the campaign for, you’ll probably like the brand enough that you will want to shout them out anyways!

What if I have never promoted a product on my Instagram before? 

            That’s no problem, it’s easy with us. Our goal is that you feel comfortable and don’t have to change your posting style just for this product. Basically, you’ll just post like you always do and in case you still want some advice, our easy to follow guidelines will help you.

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